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Party Favors
  • Premium Oils Only

  • Only premium Butters

  • No Tea Tree Oil

  • No added colors

  • No added perfumes

  • Safe for all skin types

  • No Eucalyptus oils

  • No preservatives or fillers

  • No added chemicals

  • Vegan, All natural, all the time!

  • No Parabens, Phthalates or Sulfates

Why use our products over others' products?  We believe in healing or solving your problem with natural remedies. We believe in extreme research, not just throwing things together. We believe in educating the consumer on what they're using and giving tips on how to look for dangerous chemicals we use daily. We hope it's not about how colorful an item is, or how sweet it smells, it should be about its ability to solve your problem and help make you feel a certain way. Join our FB page for educational tips and know-how.

We researched, experimented, and eliminated different carrier oils, essential oils, and butters to make the best feel-good products for you and your family's sensitive safety needs. We don't want to just sell you the product we want to
teach you about the product so that when you shop somewhere else you'll be educated on what to buy and what to leave alone.

We had friends and family test their children and themselves to tell us their experiences.  Some carrier/essential oils we do not use because we believe sensitivity plays an important role and
safety is everything. We've been doing this for over 10 years and our formula changed over the years according to your feedback and excitement over our products. We don't go cheap when it comes to our brand, which you will notice and we believe in PREMIUM products, so you get what you pay for!

We combined
 24+ premium oils that are going to make a difference in your life! Yes, we said 24+ premium oils, we're not playing, it's a healing season for all of us! Our butter is heavier
than most (It's our balm), because we want them to work, smell natural, and feel amazing. You deserve the best, so why not buy the best?

Relief2unewheader (820 × 312 px)-8.png

Helped with Alopecia


Note: All our products are made when ordered, so we can't offer refunds unless we're at fault. With all the diseases coming to play, we hope you understand. Please test products before use to make sure you have no allergic reactions. If irritation happens, please dispose of products as soon as possible. Each person's skin is different and reactions are different, please use with caution even though we use all-natural and some organic products. When we mention healing for relief, this is the reaction we get from our customers and it's not meant to be a medical term, but a term that's felt by our clients. We're not doctors, just lovers of a good quality product.

Our products are made with care and we love what we do.  We're not approved by the FDA just like some vitamins aren't approved, but they're good.  We're not doctors, healthcare, or herbal specialist. We've conducted extensive research and had all our products tested for safety before we released them to the public. As with anything, please use it with caution and dispose of it if irritation exists.

Please realize these are personal items and shouldn't be shared with others unless you take full responsibility and also use a spatula when letting others use your product. Letting others use your products without the proper tools can create bacteria, which can cause irritation, share will care. Remember dieting also plays a role in how your skin/hair heal.  Results might be different for others. Again, we're not Dr's, we're just letting you know how it worked for us. Feel free to email us with questions:


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